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Nov. 17th, 2005 @ 01:59 pm about me =)
Current Music: Avenged Sevenfold
Name(first or full, your choice): Cera Blake
Age and Year of Graduation (Class of ...): 16; c/o 2007
Birthday(month and day): December 7th, 1988
Sign: Sag.
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite TV Show: Will & Grace
What was the last song you listened to: Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly : HIM
What was the last movie you saw(did you like it, why or why not?): Saw 2; i loved it.
Favorite Celebrity(Male or Female or both): Female; Angelina Jolie & Male; Ville Valo
Single/Dating (Who?): Dating; David Barker from BSG =)
Best Friend(s): far too many.
Favorite thing to do in BSG(Why?): Hmm .. nothing to much to do.
Favorite place in BSG(Why?): Clover Leaf Square because i have a very good memory there.
In 6 words, describe yourself: funny, crazy, complicated, simple, musician.
If you could be any animal it would be(Why?): A fish; it would be awesome to breath underwater.
Some of your likes: Guitar, Music, Skateboarding, Art & Traveling
And Dislikes: gossip & people who worry all the time.
What,(if any)other communities are you in?(Which is your favorite and why?): Moshpit Layouts, they have cool band layouts.
Where'd you find out about this community?: i saw it in someones userinfo.
Do you have any suggestions or comments?: nope.
What YOU have to say: