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girlies from the gap
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This is a community for girls from Big Stone Gap and the surrounding areas. If you live here now, or have lived here once.. whatever. It really doesn't matter. Welcome to BSG.

Only a few rules:

+ Respect others opinions!
+ It really doesn't matter what the post is about but try to stick to one topic per post.
+ Large pictures, surveys, or quizes should go behind lj cuts.
+Promoting other communities is fine, just don't overdo it.
+ Enjoy and have fun!

++NEW 5-13-05++
Once you join the community fill out this little 20 question survey so we(the other members) can get to know a little bit about you. You can put it under a cut(put About Me in the subject) or leave it, which ever you want.. and please don't keep the (details i've written inside these) in your own survey. Please feel freed to discard any that you don't want to answer.

Name(first or full, your choice):
Age and Year of Graduation (Class of ...):
Birthday(month and day):
Favorite Color:
Favorite TV Show:
What was the last song you listened to:
What was the last movie you saw(did you like it, why or why not?):
Favorite Celebrity(Male or Female or both):
Single/Dating (Who?):
Best Friend(s):
Favorite thing to do in BSG(Why?):
Favorite place in BSG(Why?):
If you could live somewhere other than BSG, where would you?
In 6 words, describe yourself:
If you could be any animal it would be(Why?):
Some of your likes:
And Dislikes:
What,(if any)other communities are you in?(Which is your favorite and why?):
Where'd you find out about this community?:
Do you have any suggestions or comments?:

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